TOZUDA Head Impact Sensors help bring visibility to an invisible injury, Concussions.

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If it's RED, check your head ™

Simple. Affordable. Reliable. Tozuda sensors alert users when a potentially devastating impact occurs. Don’t take chances when it comes to concussions—Tozuda makes injury awareness accessible for any activity or level of play.

The Simplest Solution to Concussion Awareness



Tozuda sensors are easy to use and understand—with a straightforward attachment process and clear activation, our sensors make it obvious when you need to take action.



Thanks to Tozuda’s patented technology, our uniquely designed sensors function reliably without the use of electronics, which keeps costs low for everyone. 



The sensors’ unambiguous indicator keeps athletes and coaches accountable about the severity of each and every impact. Anyone can intervene when a sensor has been activated, including teammates, coaches, referees, and even opponents.

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Our sensors’ versatile design brings safety and a sense of security to any setting—not only on helmets in sport, but also on hard hats in construction, or on other headgear to protect you while on duty. 


 90% of diagnosed concussions do not involve a loss of consciousness.

50% of concussions go undiagnosed or undetected. 


CEO and Founder Jessie Garcia demonstrates how to use a Tozuda Sensor