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Simplifying safety is our mission

Why do we do what we do?

Our team knows first hand that head injuries can be devastating. We also know it's human nature to want to push through an injury you can't see. Ignoring a head injury and complicating the recovery process can impact the longevity of any career. 

That's why we made it simple: If it's red, check your head.

Our curiosity, designing, and engineering skills are what drive our team, and we're determined to keep creating products to make safety simple and accessible for everyone.


Meet team TOZUDA!

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Jessie Garcia

CEO & Founder

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Christopher Basilico

Chief Technology Officer

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John Pettit

Business Development Manager

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Cameron Dye

Mechanical Engineer

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Keagan Clark

Research Engineer

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Quan Nguyen

Digital Marketing Intern

What does Tozuda mean?

Tozuda is the Spanish word for hardheaded.

Hardheaded, in a determined way!

It's also what our founder, Jessie, is called by her Abuelita Hortensia. 

We encourage you to STAY TOZUDA and never lose sight of your goals no matter what gets in your way.