What are impact sensors?

Impact sensors are devices that alert the player and in some cases, the coach as well, when the player has been hit too hard during game play. Most impact sensors can attach to a variety of sports equipment.

What are impact sensors designed to do?

Impact sensors are NOT designed to detect concussions. Impact sensors are designed to detect linear forces and accelerations a player is subjected to while playing on the field. When a dangerous threshold has been reached, players and/or coaches are alerted to the occurrence, via the impact sensor.

Why is the identification of a concussion so important?

A concussion is a serious brain injury and if not taken care of properly, could lead to permanent brain damage, either physical and/or psychological. When a concussion is not diagnosed by a doctor the first time a player gets concussed, they are susceptible to further brain injury.   

What makes tozuda different from other impact sensors?

While there are other impact sensors on the market that are made with costly electronics, Tozuda is a user-friendly, mechanical technology, that senses the same information, in an alternative manner.

What are the symptoms of a concussion?

Signs of a Potential Concussion:

  • cannot remember events that happened before or after the impact

  • forgets plays/instructions, is confused about the game itself (i.e. confusion about the game, score, or opponent)

  • moves clumsily

  • loses consciousness (even for a short period of time)

  • does not answer questions quickly

  • shows changes in personality, behavior, and mood

Concussion Symptoms

  • “pressure” inside the head or headache

  • vomiting and/or nausea

  • balance problems and dizziness

  • double or blurry vision

  • bothered by noise or light

  • feeling groggy, hazy, foggy, or sluggish

  • confusion or concentration/memory problems

  • not “feeling right” or “feeling down”

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Who can diagnose a concussion?

Legally, only a doctor can diagnose a concussion.

Does the Tozuda sensor detect concussions?

No, the Tozuda cannot detect concussions, only a doctor can do that. The Tozuda sensor can only detect force at a potentially dangerous threshold for the user.

What do I do if my child if I think my child is concussed?

Instruct your child to stop playing and the dangers of concussions beforehand. Have the coach or personally take your child out of play as soon as possible. Do not allow them to continue game play or practice until they visit a medical professional who knows how to evaluate concussions. Follow their instructions accordingly.

What do I do if my child is diagnosed with a concussion?

After your child is diagnosed with a concussion by a doctor, your child should not be playing sports due to the risk of further brain injury until the doctor gives written medical clearance. To enhance recovery, your child should refrain from using technology, minimize screen time, listening to loud music, and being exposed to bright lights. Make sure to contact the school to alert them of the issue as well as this might affect their performance in the classroom as well.