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Football is Back, Will Growing Injuries Come With It?

by Dimitrios Kakaris August 17, 2021

Football is Back, Will Growing Injuries Come With It?

As the NFL returns in a few weeks, for a second season under COVID rule, it remains to be seen if the injuries continue as they did in 2020? During the 2020 season, injuries reached a new height since 2015. As rules and procedures change, we expect a decline in injuries, however, over the last five years, injuries have been very consistent, around 1.5 injuries per-100 plays. They first reached these levels in 2015, after new concussion and injury protocols were put into place, leading to a huge jump in reporting, and gave a more accurate picture of the injury rate in the NFL. Injuries rose 14% that season, and concussions alone rose 30%. Since then, the rate has remained about the same, but reached new heights in 2020. Given the consistency of injuries throughout the last few years, it becomes clear that injuries are inevitable in the sport. While self-evident, the numbers confirm this. Even after upgraded protocols, the injury numbers only increased. 

So, what can be done about the frequency of injury in football? Preparation. It doesn't matter if you're talking high school football or NFL football, injuries will happen, especially concussions. When you know something is bound to happen, all you can do is prepare the best possible situation to solve it. When it comes to TBIs and concussions, the best way to prepare is to know that they will happen and to have a way to know when they do. The most accurate and efficient way to know that is with a Tozuda Head Impact Indicator. The indicator attaches to any helmet and turns from clear to red when met with forces associated with causing concussions. With this objective tool, trainers and coaches can know immediately if a player needs to be checked, and potentially treated, for a concussion.

The sooner a concussion is recognized, the sooner it can be treated and recovered from, so the player can return to healthy playing as soon as possible. Concussions are one of the least preventable injuries, even with head contact regulation, because no direct contact to the head is necessary. A harsh change of direction is all that is needed to whip the neck and head around, causing the brain to concuss within the skull. Given that there is such a high probability of head injuries in football, and the fact that 50% of all concussions go undiagnosed, why take the risk of missing one, and potentially causing serious and even life-threatening damage? 

You shouldn't. With devices like this available, it seems athletic organizations should be rushing to get in line. This objective tool could be lifesaving and would prevent a lot of injured players from hurting themselves much worse. While NFL teams have massive medical staffs, and all the resources in the world, most teams do not, and most people do not. So, as football returns for you, make sure you take the steps to have a safe and healthy this season.








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