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How To Prevent A Concussion

by Dimitrios Kakaris March 07, 2021

How To Prevent A Concussion

  1. You Can't!

    Concussions, like many head injuries, cannot be fully prevented. Regardless of the helmet, athletes in high impact sports are always at risk of injury. They occur when the brain is shaken within the skull. No helmet or padding can stop this from happening if a hit is hard enough. All you can do is be aware and take the proper steps to treat a concussion.

    Proper concussion treatments are very likely to result in full recovery, with no lasting effects. However, if left untreated or compounded by another concussion, they can very serious and even deadly. Cognitive and mental health can be altered as well. The difference between full recovery and permanent damage can simply be being aware of the injury.

    This is why our Tozuda Head Impact Indicator is so important. Concussions were an invisible injury, until now. With our "If it's Red, check your head" technology, we make it quick and simple to know if a player is at risk of concussion, with just one look. Allowing athletes to seek the proper care as soon as possible can help prevent the chance of permanent damage and allow the recovery process to begin when it should... Immediately!

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