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The Coach's Role In Concussion Safety

by Dimitrios Kakaris October 17, 2020

The Coach's Role In Concussion Safety

Coaches play an increasing role in the safety of their athletes. As awareness of sport related injuries grows, it is that knowledge that puts more responsibility on them. When it comes to concussions, coaches must know when a player can or cannot continue playing. It can be hard to tell if a player is seriously hurt, and often there is pressure to keep them on the field. However, parents are putting their child's safety in their hands and that should be taken seriously.

With a Tozuda Head Impact Indicator, coaches, parents, and teammates can all see, right away, if a player has taken too hard of a hit. The immediacy of this information is crucial to the safety, recovery and return of the athlete. An indicator can help make the crucial decision that can lead to full recovery or potentially compounded damage. If the indicator is activated then the player should be checked for a concussion by a medical professional, it's that simple.

Coaches should be doing everything they can to protect their players. If they play a high-impact sport, and are not wearing a head impact indicator, is everything being done? Encourage the coaches and players in your life to do more to make the sports we love as safe as possible.

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