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Why do athletes not report concussions?

by Dimitrios Kakaris January 13, 2021

Why do athletes not report concussions?

There are many reasons 50% of concussions go undiagnosed. One of them is that many players resist reporting them. Though there is much more education on head injuries in sports today, there is still a lack of reporting. This is due to a combination of sports culture and lack of proper technology.

Many people view concussions as less serious than visible injuries, though they can be much more damaging. Also, competitive athletes fear looking weak or losing their playing time if they report an injury. It is not the player's fault, of course they want to play. It is the fault of the culture surrounding sports and toughness. There should be an incentive to report an injury whether it be oneself or a teammate.

Though, a change of culture may be difficult to achieve in the short term, there are other options as well. With a Tozuda head Impact indicator, impact detection is visible to all. The fact that this product cannot be hidden is the key. With our irreversible Red indication system, head impact can no longer be swept under the rug. Coaches, players, and fans alike will all be able to see if a player should be examined for a concussion. Remember there is no way to prevent concussions, only best practices to help recover. The sooner medical professionals know a player is hurt, the sooner they can help the player return to play healthy.

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