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Take your child's safety into your own hands

Stay in the game with Tozuda's Head Impact Indicator and know when it's time for your child to get checked by a professional after a significant hit.

Don't let your child Become Another 

Statistic in Football

Gain confidence and take back control of your child's head safety.

50% of all head injuries are missed. 

Understand the Risks in Football

A football player may receive up to 1,500 hits to the head during a season.
Are you taking the necessary steps to make sure a significant hit doesn't keep your child off the field for an entire season?

Know when you've been hit too hard. 

Get peace of mind by getting objective information from Tozuda’s Head Impact Indicator.
8-13 Years Old14+ Years Old

This device will turn from

clear to RED if the helmet

is hit with a significant force

Attaches to the back

of any helmet with ease

This device will turn from clear to RED if the helmet is hit with a significant force. It will NOT turn red unless the helmet is hit with enough force warranting the necessity to check the head of the athlete. All users have to remember is, “If it’s RED, check your head!

The product is available in settings for youth ages 8-14 and adults 14 and up. The product is sold in single units & two unit packs, as well as 6-, 12-, 24-, and 48-unit hard case team packs. Quantities of more than 48 units are available by contacting sales@tozuda.com.

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Take the First Step Towards Head Impact Awareness

Tozuda’s Indicators make safety more objective and accessible. All you need to do is attach the indicator and watch for if it turns bright red; This alerts of a potential head injury.

1. EASily ATTACH to your Helmet

Each indicator is attached with top of the line double sided tape, making it easy to attach to any helmet. Our tape is also rated from -40°F to 200°F, so whatever temperatures you're playing in, Tozuda has your back.

2. Watch For the Indicator to Go Off

Our indicators turn from clear to red when your hit has an impact with too much force. Our unique calibration method allows the indicator to withstand normal use and minor impact, while reacting when a force threshold is exceeded.

3. Check Your Injury and Stay Safe

Tozuda’s Impact Indicators are designed to only indicate when a hit is potentially dangerous. So, if you see red, this signals you should be evaluated by a medical professional before returning to the field.

From One Parent to Another

As a Dad & a Coach the most important thing is to keep my kids safe

"Seeing your child get hit at a high rate is probably the most nerve-racking part of [football]. But the Tozuda Head Impact Indicator is a great tool for us to play smarter and safer. It gives our staff, myself, parents, if we notice someone’s indicator is red, we can get them off the field and checked out. Tozuda is an excellent tool that we can use to help us on the sidelines.
Steve Martel
Football Parent and High School Coach


Take the steps necessary to ensure your head injury doesn't go undetected after a fall with Tozuda's simple yet highly effective indicator.