Hits Are Going To Happen.

Have the peace of mind that they'll get checked out.

Hits Are Going To Happen.

Have the peace of mind that they'll get checked out.


Of head injuries go undiagnosed or undetected


Of diagnosed head injuries do not involve a loss of consciousness

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8-13 Years Old14+ Years Old

This device will turn from

clear to RED if the helmet

is hit with a significant force

Attaches to the back

of any helmet with ease

This device will turn from clear to RED if the helmet is hit with a significant force. It will NOT turn red unless the helmet is hit with enough force warranting the necessity to check the head of the athlete. All users have to remember is, “If it’s RED, check your head!

The product is available in settings for youth ages 8-14 and adults 14 and up. The product is sold in single units & two unit packs, as well as 12-, 24-, and 48-unit hard case team packs. Quantities of more than 48 units are available by contacting info@tozuda.com.

How It Works

Whether you're body checking or hitting the boards, know when you were hit too hard.

What happens if I drop my helmet or throw my bag with the helmet in it. Will it activate?

It can take an impact below its threshold, but once it passes that danger zone of force, it'll turn red. We want to make sure our athletes are being safe with their helmets and treating it like it's their head. Some helmets are not effective after a major hit, including even being dropped on the ground! Our indicator is a great way to realize when those drops happen, and think about potentially/maybe replacing the helmet if it dropped hard enough to activate. 

Will the Indicator fall off my helmet while I’m playing?

We use aerospace-grade double-sided tape to attach our Indicators to helmets. The tape is rated for over 230 lbs of shear force, which is comparable to the weight of a refrigerator!

I play hockey but also play football during the fall. Can I use an indicator in football too?

Yes! Because our Indicator attaches to any helmet, it’s so easy to use on different helmets in different sports. You can get extra tape from our store to attach your current Indicator to a new helmet, or purchase a new one to equip all your helmets with Tozuda’s technology.

How do I attach and remove the Indicator to and from my helmet?

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Our Solution


Turns From Clear to RED

When a set impact threshold is exceeded, Tozuda Indicators will turn red letting the user know "If It's Red, Check Your Head."

Completely Mechanical Design

Activates from linear and rotational acceleration

from any direction

Customizable Calibration

Can be calibrated based on helmet’s specifications for damage, to head injury levels or another custom setpoint

What coaches & players are saying


See why life-long athletes recommend the Tozuda Head Impact Indicator for players, parents, and coaches. Grab your indicators today to prepare for this season.

Tozuda Head Impact Indicators Alert Users To Potentially Damaging Impacts


Tozuda Indicators are easy to use and understand. Our Indicators turn from clear to red so it’s obvious when you need to take action.


Thanks to Tozuda’s patented technology, our uniquely designed Indicators function without the use of electronics - keeping costs low.


Our Indicator is able to attach directly to most helmets - that includes sports helmets, hard hats, or other headgear.


Our Indicators show when a hard hit has occurred, providing objective information telling players & bystanders when to act.

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