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head Impact indicator for concussion awareness
Attach Tozuda to any helmet and know exactly when an impact is hard enough that you need to get checked out.
Hits are going to happen and making the wrong call is dangerous. The best thing you can do to protect yourself is know when an impact is significant enough to require medical attention. Because when you know what to look for, you can react quickly and according to plan.

Whether you play multiple sports, are on the job site, or simply love to ride your bike, set yourself up with next level protection by adding an impact indicator to your equipment checklist.

This easy-to-use attachment is designed to give helmet wearers confidence by providing visual, objective information when a hit is too hard, ensuring a head injury doesn’t go undetected.
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Indicator before impact.
Indicator after impact.

Mechanical Design

With a completely mechanical build, there's no need to fiddle with digital elements. No wifi, no Bluetooth, no charging; just attach a sensor to your existing helmet and you're ready to go.

Detection Without Question

If an impact is forceful enough to cause potential injury, the sensor will change from clear to red.

"If it's red, check your head!"

Lab & Field Tested

Our Indicators are thoroughly crafted to withstand a certain threshold and tested for accuracy. 

Sophisticated & Functional

For sports requiring specific attire, we designed a sleek indicator cover that easily attaches and blends in with your helmet so you can focus on the job at hand without having to worry about the details.

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Tozuda's Indicator will turn from clear to red if hit with excessive force, signaling the need to be evaluated by a medical professional. Our unique calibration process only triggers for potentially dangerous crashes, falls, and hits, allowing for normal use and minor impacts.
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Tozuda Head Impact Indicator
Preset options are available for youth ages 8-13 and adult ages 14+
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WARNING: This device is intended to measure force of impact and is not a medical device or diagnostic tool by any meaning. Force of impact is one of many indications of potential injury and/or concussion. If any indications of a concussion are present, promptly see a licensed medical doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Use this device as directed and only for the use of measuring force of impact. You should seek medical attention for any injury or concussion that occurs while wearing this device. Tozuda has no control over the activities that may cause injury or concussion and cannot provide any medical advice or treatment.